A little help goes a long way


I usually go to Masjid Jamek’s LRT Station for a charity event under 1Charity. We would cook food and distribute it to the homeless. At first I was sceptical; why should I help them, since they are born without any deficiencies (cukup sifat, bak kata orang Melayu). A friend’s passion actually triggered my curiosity.

“It won’t hurt to do a little charity”, I’ve told myself. Hence, one day, I’ve decided to join in.

It was very shocking. Nearly the majority of them are Malays and presumably Muslims (I saw the majority of them held up their hands whenever we recite the supplication before we start distributing). What happened in their lives? Did they screw up big time? Were they cheated?

This is how we distribute the food

I’ve also noticed that most of them are not from Kuala Lumpur (their accent and/or choices of words denotes that some of them are from up north or from the Borneo). Probably they came to Kuala Lumpur holding dreams in their head and hopes in their heart, just like how I came here on January 2012.

I do not have the courage to ask them their story, but I believe that if no help were given to me by Allah, I could be amongst them!

They helped me to recognize how forgetful I am, that I am totally alone when I first reached Kuala Lumpur and Allah helped me. By befriending them, they helped me to be more, humble.

By the end of the day, I kinda enjoy the event. I meet new people everyday, learning new things about people that we don’t normally learn in either our education system nor our working environment.

If any of you who stumbled upon this entry would like to lend a helping hand, you can either drop a comment or mention me (@tumbukrusuk) or Fiza (@nurfizaa) in Twitter . We welcome any types of assistance, from a helping hand to monetary help or clothes. We distribute food every Thurday and Friday at 9:00 pm. It would be awesome if you guys can join in the fun. 🙂

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