That hurts. -__-

I am finally someone else’s husband. In Islamic’s point of view, this means that I’ve taken her under my responsibility; I am to answer to each and every bad deeds that she will do as long as she is my wife. However, the good point to marriage overweights the bad (if there’s any at all). Both of us now have each other to watch our backs (literally and metaphorically lol). Both of us will never be alone again. Both of us now have a 24/7-always-ready sparring partner (usually I’m the ones receiving the slaps and punches, but that’s another story).

The best part? Both of us can call each other’s heart, a home. Well, not literally, but you get what I mean. ­čÖé

My┬ásolemnisation was attended by close friends and relatives. I didn’t expect my friends from JomSocial would attend; it’s actually on Friday and I know they’re all busy working. But they skip work (I think!) and came all the way to Kajang just to keep me company. Good friends are very hard to come by, and I do pray that may Allah ease their path and provide them and their family with Jannah, insyaAllah.

The process doesn’t take long, actually. It’s just a mere exchange of two sentences; the qadi announcing the oath and I am to answer his with mine. Didn’t take more than 20 seconds, actually. ­čÖé

But those two exchanged sentences changed my life forever. I am now a husband. I have a wife of whom I love so dearly and receive the same, or perhaps more, amount of love from her. Sometimes I feel as if I do not deserve to have such an awesome wife, but alhamdulillah, Allah’s decree that I am to have an awesome wife to be by my side. We still act like friends, though. I don’t know how to change the way we talk in public. I mean, the elders doesn’t approve of her calling me ‘awak!’. But what do you expect? Calling me ‘abang’ is waaaaaaaaay out of the story. Calling ‘sayang’ is waaaaaayy to mainstream lol. What’s next? ‘Papa’? ‘Anje’? ‘Munchkin’? All those names doesn’t befits me.

I guess, I’ll ask her to call me Shrek. That’ll fit just about right. lol

Off to bed! Here’s the video of our solemnization, made by our good friend Wawan, also known to us as Wanzwanz, also known by his real name Syazwan. May Allah bless him for his kindness.

p/s still doesn’t have time for my Xbox. I guess saving the world would have to wait ­čśŤ


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