Time awaits for no Man!

In approximately 12 hours from now, I’ll take up the solemnization oath. I’ll become someone’s husband. Looking back, I can finally see how the Creator put me in such a huge mess just so that I can push myself and become a better person. It’s like, as if, the Creator is preparing me for this very day and for this very task.

I know it’s a huge task. As a Muslim, I know and I believe that I will be held responsible for anything that happened in the marriage. I am to love, protect and provide her with the Worldly and the Hereafter’s need.

Confidence? I don’t know. Our path towards marriage is scary. We just took the jump.

There are so many things that I wanted to jot down, but it’s all jumbling up inside my head. I’m not sure whether I’m nervous or tired, or both. But one thing for sure, I’m looking forward to have her in my life.

Now, I will never be alone again. 🙂


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